2 in 1 Car Escape Tool
2 in 1 Car Escape Tool
2 in 1 Car Escape Tool
2 in 1 Car Escape Tool
2 in 1 Car Escape Tool
2 in 1 Car Escape Tool


2 in 1 Car Escape Tool

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The Ultimate Life-Saver: A Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter
Each year, countless individuals become victims of car accidents, facing scenarios with stagnant water, fire, or even the risk of drowning. In these critical moments, time is crucial, and every second can make a difference!
This highlights the necessity of having a tool that ensures a rapid and straightforward escape from your vehicle.

A must-have tool that every vehicle owner needs to have.
Car Safety Emergency Hammer is designed to do just that, with a car window breaker that can break windows glass in one go and a sharp seatbelt cutter at the other head that can quickly slice through jammed seat belts.
The Car Safety Emergency Hammer is your solution in critical moments. Its car window breaker delivers a forceful impact, instantly shattering glass, and the sharp seatbelt cutter on the other end ensures a quick slice through any jammed seat belts.
Strong Tungsten Steel Head
Experience freedom in a flash with the Car Safety Emergency Hammer! Breaking car side windows (10mm max thickness) takes just 1 second, thanks to the forceful release of an 8kg high-strength spring. The tungsten steel head, renowned for its high hardness and resistance to deformation, ensures durability beyond standard alloy heads.
Compact and Portable
Tailored for convenience, our car safety hammer is both compact and lightweight. Store it with ease in your glove compartment, door pocket, or center console, ensuring peace of mind on every drive.
Essential for Every Vehicle
Affordable peace of mind on the road! Our budget-friendly car safety hammer is a versatile and durable tool, ensuring you're prepared for any unexpected emergency during your travels.